Simply beautiful. Shot by @admiddleeast #lindberg 
#lindbergeyewear #danishdesign

@admiddleeast captures the minimalistic essence of our designs. Read more through the link in our bio. #lindberg #lindbergeyewear 

Clean lines by @admiddleeast. Follow the link in our bio for more #lindberg#lindbergeyewear

Model: 9753
Colour: 10/K223/10

Shape and shade in perfect balance #lindberg#lindbergeyewear shot by @admiddleeast

Model: 2431
Colour: P80/P80/P25, SL63

Model: 9752
Colour: PU16/K117/PU16

The right tint can bring the look together. Great shot by @admiddleeast#lindberg

Model: 2431
Colour: P80/P80/P25, SL63

A touch of red. Shoot by @admiddleeast#lindberg

Model: Esben
Colour: GT/GT/U9, SL64

Model: Bruna
Colour: 60/60/K225

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